The Best End of the Year Sales For Your Favorite Kitchen Finds

End of the year sales are good for many reasons. One being, you get to buy what you really want (you know you’ve been eyeing that Le Creuset pan). And, secondly, for those you still haven’t sent gifts to, you can now buy them half price. Almost every retailer is having a sale — some even at 60% off. It can get overwhelming to comb through it all, but luckily I have sifted through all the clutter to find what you really want.


They are known for their half year sale. There’s so much good stuff to choose from and all up to 40% off. If you ever wanted to upgrade items in your kitchen this is the time to do it. Here’s what I have my eye on. Sales ends January 3rd.

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It’s basically a black hole of sales – it just never ends. Endless kitchen needs for you or your best friend who you still haven’t bought a gift for. Up to 60% off, you do not want to sleep on this sale.

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Between 20-60% off there is so much going on. There are over 102 pages of sales on your favorite brands like Cuinsart, Le Crueset (pans for $99!), and Breville — and so much more. There’s a nutribullet for under $80 and I am thinking it’s time for an upgrade! All my top picks are below:

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Williams Sonoma

There’s something so soothing about walking into a Williams Sonoma. Everything is so perfectly placed and fancy. It just makes you want to add everything to your cart. However, since we’re adding a lot more to our virtual carts these days, all the sales happening at WS make it so much easier to fill it. And you can fill it with all the Staub you can possibly want. This rectangular baker is a GREAT deal and exclusive only to Williams Sonoma. I can’t believe it’s only $49!! It’s perfect to make juicy chicken thighs with.

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Le Creuset

There is so much on sale at Le Creuset including this dutch oven with a lid that also doubles as a grill pan (win!!) So many fun pops of color that make great additions to your kitchen. Even when you’re not using it, the dutch ovens are so nice to look at as they sit on your stove.

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