Last Minute Mother’s Day Finds

The procrastination life is something that chooses you. You don’t choose it. You were either the one who started their college essays two months in advance or two days in advance (ahem me). And now you’re either the one who gets all your holiday shopping done by December 1st or December 24th. As someone who may or may not have been chosen by this life, there is certainly no judgment. Some of us actually strive under the pressure of waiting until the last possible moment to complete our tasks. It actually becomes somewhat challenging racing through a department store with one day left, laser focused while scanning each item with your eyes, giving yourself 3-4 seconds to make a decision on whether that item is worth enough of becoming a gift or not.

It is no different for Mother’s Day. Despite the fact that the big marketing push starts the day after Easter, there are many last minute shoppers out there looking for the special woman in your life. And, to make it a little easier for you I’ve rounded up a list of gifts with a very quick turnaround time so that no one will ever know your dirty little procrastination secret.

Portable Projector

Summer is just around the corner so bring your next movie night outside with this portable projector. Or, gather the family around to watch old home videos. Either way, this is a fun way to switch things up! Just don’t forget the popcorn.

Double Hammock with Stand

If you’re looking for the ultimate unexpected gift, this hammock is it! The mother figure in your life will immediately picture herself outside, breeze through her hair, snuggled up with her favorite book. Also, you’ll instantly become the favorite child.

Patio String Lights

Help mom finish her backyard oasis with these string lights

Cult Gaia Ark Tote

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For the cool mom. Not the regular mom.

Self Watering Indoor Garden

For the mom who enjoys a fresh green smoothie in the morning

Over the Sink Drying Rack

Full disclosure I have this and it’s by far one of my favorite things in the kitchen. It sits over your sink and makes cleaning up a breeze. You can also use it as a cooling rack for baking, strainer for fruits & veggies. And when youre not using it, just roll it up and put it away.

Dyson Hair Dryer Gift Edition

You will certainly be the favorite child with this one.

Vase Set

For those gorgeous flowers she’ll get from your dad.

[ships in 2 days]

Slouchy Pajama Set

She can wear this all snug while enjoying the breakfast you’ll make her.

[ships in 2 days]

Turquoise Earrings

Because these are absolutely stunning and would look amazing with an all white summer outfit.

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