The Kitchen Items I’m Eyeing From the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

This post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase any items through these links. Any products I recommend, I genuinely love and want to share with you all. 

I’m always looking for ways to upgrade certain accouterments and tools in my kitchen. And, I’m always looking to my grow my existing collections — I mean, you can never have too many storage bowls! I live in a small New York City apartment which means, my kitchen is teeny. So, I have to be extremely picky about the items I buy because there’s really not much room.

So, there’s really no better time to upgrade everything since there are so many sales going on! I can get my hands on the brands that hardly go on sale like Le Creuset, All-Clad, and Heston. Here’s everything I’m buying from the Nordstrom anniversary sale.

1.Cast Iron Reversible Griddle & Grill

You can’t exactly fit a grill in a small 750 square foot apartment. So, this is the perfect (and much cheaper) substitute when the craving for grilled chicken, pork chops, or pancakes strikes. It’s also perfect because one side it’s a grill and the other side is a griddle so even better to save on space. This is a no brainer!

2. Le Creuset Glazed Storage Canister

Le Creuset might be one of the most sought out kitchen brands out there. It’s by far one of my favorites — and they hardly ever go on sale. So, you better believe I am scooping these up. They’re perfect for storying pastas, sugar, nuts, — anything really! Not to mention, they’re sooooo pretty!

LE CREUSET Glazed 22 Ounce Stoneware Storage Canister with Wooden Lid, Main, color, CARIBBEAN

3. MALIN + GOETZ Votive Candles

The fact that these candles are on sale is breaking news status. I always have a candle burning in my kitchen to add not only for a cozy ambiance but it helps if I’m making salmon or something really potent. I love these because they really do burn for a long time and the smells are delicious!


4. Crystal Martini Glasses

I love a good dirty martini. And I like them diiirty. When making one (or three), I benchmark them against the ocean. Once they’re as salty as the Atlantic, I know it’s ready. I stumbled across these elegant martini glasses and immediately pictured myself dropping two olives in them. And, on the nights your pallet is calling for ice cream instead of a dirty, these glasses are an excellent way to elevate that experience. Don’t forget the cherry!

LUIGI BORMIOLI Michelangelo Set of 4 Crystal Martini Glasses, Main, color, CLEAR

5. Old Fashioned Glasses

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good old fashioned, but what I love about these glasses is they make for such sophisticated everyday water glasses. I’m excited about these. They’re stylish enough to rock anything you you put on the rocks. I also love to do yogurt parfaits in glasses like these to see all the layers.

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6. Whiskey Decanter

If coasters whispered the word adult, then a decanter *screams* it. And, I am totally here for it. I’m thinking this is a great way to raise the bar for my next Friday night in (pun intended). While eating my favorite bolognese, cozying up on the couch with a good movie is what I am looking forward to this weekend.

7. French Cutting Board

I love the way they look nice resting up again your kitchen counter wall for a nice display. But, more importantly, you never really can have enough cutting boards in my opinion. And, I certainly never have owned a one so artistic before!

DENY DESIGNS Holli Zollinger French Cutting Board, Main, color, BLUE

8. Printed Kitchen Art

Changing just a few photos out in your kitchen — or really anywhere in your home — can make such a difference. Just a pop of color here and there are sometimes all you need to shift the mood a bit. I love these prints and I love the prices!

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