How I Built My Own On The Wall Spice Rack

There’s a reason why every generation has its own version of a New York, New York theme song (hello, Frank Sinatra & Alicia Keys). This is a city that basically has everything you could ever want. Between the parks, the people, the food, the museums, etc. this concrete jungle leaves very little to be craved. But, if there is one thing that all these city-dwellers could use a little more of, it would definitely be the ‘S’ word — and that is Space. Even when moving into a ‘large’ space in New York, one is still compelled to describe it with the disclaimer: ‘large, for New York standards.

Anyway, what does New York have to do with a spice rack? Stay with me.

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My husband and I recently moved into a ‘large’ (for New York standards) space. Despite gaining a couple of hundred extra square feet, we still find ourselves negotiating with the space trying to find where things can fit. Our new kitchen is no exception and leaves us scratching our heads. Somehow, it’s larger than our old one but has 50% less cabinet space. There is barely any room for all my absolute favorite kitchen must-haves. So, finding room for a little pantry where I can practically store all the items I use every day, I knew I’d have to get creative. I rearranged my cabinets about 3 times before looking up at all the empty real-estate on the walls and suddenly realized that was exactly where I needed to move my items.

I knew I wanted something very clean-looking with a touch of hardware. And, since all my spices are from various markets, countries, and brands, I couldn’t just throw them up there and achieve that clean aesthetic I was going for. So, like many of us when we start running with a creative idea, I ran to my computer and started browsing through Amazon.

A lot of the shelves that I liked didn’t have a ledge or a lip at the edge, so I was hesitant to position glass jars on them with the fear of them falling off. However, the shelves I ended up with are the perfect size that the jars are completely undisturbed and have plenty of space. The shelves were super easy to install, thanks to my live-in handyman (aka, Tom, my husband) and minimal in design for that picture-perfect pantry look.

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