What To Get Your Friend Who Just Had a Baby

So your friend just had a baby? Yay! Now what? You’ve made plans to go meet the baby and show your support to the new parents, but you’re not entirely sure what to do or what to bring. You want to bring a gift, but not sure what. One that they will really use but one that will stand out from the rest. Of course there’s always the registry, but sometimes by the time the baby is born, there most likely is nothing left to get.

As a woman who just entered motherhood for the first time, I can unequivocally say, there is nothing like a practical gift when it comes to just having a baby. During the first few months, there’s really no room for anything that wastes time. New parents need functionality and comfort to get them through 3am feedings, 4am diaper changes, and everything in between.

And, gifts for baby are nice, but don’t forget about your friend. She just became a mama and will need just as much support as possible.

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Here’s what to get your friend who just had a baby.

1) A Comfy Robe

Gray/Caramel Ombre Tipped Faux Fur Robe, Medium

Mama is about to spend a lot of time in that new rocking chair of hers feeding and rocking that baby to sleep. And since comfort is at the top of the priority list, what’s more comfortable than a plush robe? There will be days that go by where a shower is not in the cards, and she’ll just want something comfy and cozy to live in.

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2) Magnetic Me Onesies

These Magnetic Me onesies were the gift I didn’t know I needed. Emphasis on needed. The middle of the night with a newborn can be very stressful. Everyone is sleep deprived and there can be many tears (from all parties). So when it comes to changing baby’s diaper, you want the quickest way to get the job done. These Magnetic Me onesies are 100% worth it. First of all, they’re made with 100% cotton and are as soft as a cloud. And, they fasten via magnets! Which means, they basically dress themselves the way they close so quickly. Trust me, your friend will thank you!

3) Portable Rechargeable Fan

I cannot tell you how practical this gift is — especially during the days of covid when you’re dining at restaurants outside with no A/C. It hooks onto our stroller and we bring it just about everywhere we go to keep baby cool. It charges via USB and lasts up to 15 hours! Unexpected, but a necessary item for sure.

4) The Play Gym by Lovevery

There’s a reason this play gym has over 3,000 5 star reviews on Amazon. Much like the aforementioned Magnetic Me onesie, this was also a gift we didnt know we needed. This Montessori-inspired play gym is built to grow with baby with every development stage. Our baby has spent so much time on the playmat starting at 3 weeks old. It’s part of our daily morning ritual!

5) Food, Food, and More Food

an easy bolognese recipe

There is no question. New parents will always need food. Take it from me — someone who loves to cook and blogs about it, food was literally the last thing I had time for or thought about while caring for my new baby. Whether it’s a food delivery gift card or a packaged meal — bring them food. Something like pulled pork, that they could easily make into sandwiches for either lunch or dinner. Or something you can make big batches of, like pasta alla vodka or an easy bolognese.

6) Offer Up Chores

As new parents, chores are the last thing that will be on their mind. Does your friend have a dog or pet who needs caring for? Offer to walk the dog a few days a week. Their kitchen is also likely piling up with dishes and bottles. Head over to help clean up. Also, the gift of sleep is priceless so if you’re comfortable, schedule some time to watch the baby while mom and dad catch up on a few z’s (they’re likely not getting nearly enough).

7) Portable Bottle Warmer

Whether or not your friend is breastfeeding or formula feeding, she will still need to warm up baby’s milk. The Baby’s Brew Portable Bottle Warmer is a great way for her to do so while on the go without having to worry about finding a place for boiling water to heat up the bottle. I have this Baby’s Brew Bottle warmer and it’s given me so much freedom to be out and about ever since. It warms up the milk in about 5-10 minutes so baby can enjoy his/her bottle quickly. Highly, highly recommended gift.