The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Home Cook

While putting together this holiday gift guide for the home cook, I really searched for things that are unique, custom, and beautiful. There’s definitely something in here for everyone and at every level. Hope you can find something in here you love (maybe enough to buy for yourself!).

Stay safe and happy shopping!

DisclaimerThis post contains affiliate links which means I may receive a small commission if you purchase any items through these links. Any products I recommend, I genuinely love and want to share with you all.


20,000+ people cannot be wrong about rating
this one of the best pans they have ever used.
From soups to stews to slow-roasted pork, your friend
will be the king/queen of the kitchen with this superstar.
For your friend living in an apartment
without a grill
A practical yet beautiful gift for your that person in your life who wants to perfect rice.
I have this dutch oven and cook everything in it. From soups, to whole chickens, to pastas, and everything in between.
Because every kitchen needs a
Le Creuset cast iron.
An instant kitchen upgrade for the lucky person who receives these smooth ceramic frying pans
For the perfectly cooked pizza every time.


Every good meal starts with clean hands!
These mixing bowls would be stunning while mixing batter or on display on your shelf.
For the person in your life with flour and butter all over their iPad.
For getting the exact measurement each and every time.
For all the sauce, smoothies, and cocktails.
Because nobody wants a dry bird.
This is no ordinary salad spinner. This one has a bowl made of glass which can also double as a serving bowl.
For your friend who can’t have enough pasta.
For your friend who needs everything to match. Also this set is 100% pharmaceutical-grade, platinum-cured silicone.
I have these and food glides over them like butter (even when it’s not). And makes clean up easy as pie since the food falls directly in the bowl.


Because we can never have too much olive oil.
Not only is this Grade A, but it looks
very fancy on a shelf.
Dishes simply taste better with a
dash of flaky sea salt at the end.
Everything tastes better with a
pinch of fresh vanilla.
Upgrade your cooking and your soy sauce.
For your friend who loves a charcuterie board
but also a dirty martini with extra olives (obvi).
For your cheese loving friend who loves to experiment in the kitchen.
This drizzled over a caprese salad would be heaven.
This might be the fanciest looking popcorn I’ve seen.
For your friend who puts hot sauce on everything.
To drizzle over ice cream or your favorite maple brussels sprouts recipe

For The Host

When someone says ‘pass the salt?’, your friend
can pass it in the fanciest shaker.
For your friend who has to put their stamp on everything (literally).
For your charcuterie loving friend.
For all the chips.
For your friend who doesn’t have a
matching set of glasses.
For your cheese loving friend.
To catch all the juices

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